US Visa Jamaica

US Visa Jamaica - K1 Visa Jamaica

K1 fiancee visa applicants must prove they have met "in person" within the past 2 years using documents such as visa stamps, airline tickets and/or photos together.

US sponsors must prove you can support your fiancèe above the US poverty line, which is US $17,170 of income per year for a 2 person household.

K1 visa applications have a very high rate of approval, but require a significant wait for processing when compared to tourist visas.

Applicants must also file to adjust their status, file for removal of conditions and work privileges at specific intervals after arrival in the US.  This requires additional paperwork filings after arrival in the US that are not included in our finacee visa service.

K1 visa applications normally take 8 months or more to process depending on the caseload of the USCIS and the US Embassy in the country of residence.